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GuitarHero4:WoldTour; Does it live up to the prestige?
Topic Started: Oct 31 2008, 10:59 AM (191 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Even if you have been living under a rock you have heard of Guitar Hero, so if you are a rock. It is game where you strum a guitar to little colored domes on a conveyor as they cross a colored bar. WorldTour has upped the ante by adding a Mic, Drums and some other cool stuff I don't believe they share with RockBand. Familiar faces like the singer, drummer etc are completely removed, short of the intro which Lou(satan) makes his only apparent return in by brainwashing people with a flute player. Interstingly the events of GH3 seem to have severed his ties to rock and metal, as it saves the people from him. We were told all of the characters from GH3 would return, however there is no Slash, or RobotGuy.

Graphics - 3/10
This is what will make you most go WTCrapin'Carp, apart from a strange glow you occasionally have most of the objects are pretty nice, it seems they would look best on a huge and I mean huge TV. The menus are nice enough, however if you are singing the words are about font 4, the song titles before you start are also close together in a difficult font, and in another difficult font that is almost as tiny and the lyrics are the artists name. This makes me wonder if someone who sells 10 foot TVs paid activision a lot, there is plenty of room even with a full band for the lyrics.

Difficulty - 10/10
There is a new beginner mode that is easier than easy, which is vital for learning the drums, since the first song throws every note color at you. The drums are in no way intuitive without doing a song or two on beginner you will be whacking away with the wrong timing and not hit anything, assuming you actually hit the right drum. It is also usefull for non-singers to learn to sing since as long as you say the words at the right time it will give it to you, you can then learn how to change the pitch of your voice without having to select restart song every 5 seconds. There is still and expert difficulty, so you music hating expertists can rest easy. ;P ...Unless you are the more loserish kind who cannot stand someone playing on anything less than expert even if they just started playing. You, I cannot shoo away, but i'd like too not see you try to ruin GH4 for everyone else. In essence they balanced the difficulty so everyone should be happy. >_>

Gameplay - 8.5/10
The size of the lyrics also docks here, other than that it is pretty good. this time you select a venue which this time there are many more of. You then play the venue's songs one after another. Sometimes you have to actually pay to play somewhere. (no not real money. 0_0' ) I am a little disapointed with the music creator because the samples are pretty bad, maybe i can make something decent.

Story - 8/10
You will play in areas across the globe just rocking with your touring band. You can name it and create an album cover which are all used often in game. You seem to be the only real member unless you are playing with someone. Each song all other members are randomly generated, giving wonder if you just pull random people out of the crowd for each song, occasionally famous people will crash your show and join your band for one song and then vanish forever. (unless you buy them)

Multiplayer - 8.5/10
The single player is solid, and the multiplayer is just as solid, even fixing some problems it faced before. On my tv you can see everything clear enough. (except the lyrics, but i'm not docking anymore) Starpower for bands is much improved as everybody pays into one SP tanks and anyone can use starpower for themselves, this way you don't have to time everything perfectly with everybody. The star power drains one bulb and last about as long as if you just get starpower and immediately use it in a single player game. A vocalist will make it nearly impossible to run out of star power assuming each person who uses it hits their own star power phrases, as long as they sing they keep pulling in star power. I once ran through a whole song with star power active, because I hit mine and my sister kept singing. What took the one point here is you need a controller for every instrument even the mic!

Replayabilty - 10/10
You can freestyle in Mii freestyle, although all I use it for is letting my niece drum, because she would always grab the drum sticks and swing them when I was setting it up, she is to young to play for real. So if you have babies put them in freestyle.
Since you can make your own rocker there is some more replayability, although the chins seem a little large at the smallest size. I managed to make a pretty close doppleganger although I don't think I'm emo.
You can also make your own music and play DLC so there is plenty to do, every song in every mode will also earn you cash.
Plus with nearly 90 songs to start for free you will have a lot to occupy you.

Songs - 8/10
Some of the songs you wonder why after firing the imbecile who suggested them they left them in. La Bamba, and on the road again are prime examples of evil songs. There are a lot of unknown songs but most are nice enough to sing and/or play. They also added some foreign language songs which are hard enough to sing without tiny lyrics.

Final - 8/10
Get it, just be ready to eventually buy those remotes.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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