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Wow, MMSF3 looks impressive.
Topic Started: Aug 6 2008, 09:32 AM (1,775 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I just went to the site and it looks like they may be trying to change it up.
Basically the plot is the world is covered in noise so Megaman, a new guy with an Fmian named Acid and his friends unite in wave form. Yes it appears his friends will all master their EM waves, and Solo will also get an FMian named Laplace, Zack an FMian whose name is Peda which probably will translate into Ara(the altar) for Americans.
One interesting part of this movie is when Megaman is attacked by an army of Megas.
Panels will also finally be able to crack, whether this is good or not is up in the air.
The noise will also appears to let Megaman cross soul with his friends. The first form looks like Lucaro, but I would bet is the cross of Zack.
There also is a Taurus cross.

Here is the movie.

There also is a ball of fire that appears to have the face of Leo or Gregar name Meteor-G.
Posted Image
Here are some pictures.
Spoiler: click to toggle

G noise from the meteor that irradiates a very heinous thing,
The impact of the virus as well as man-lock to extend it.
Rockman is affected by the noise, what will happen? To see illustrations below, Rockman's appearance appeared to be a big change, but The noise change the "noise factor" is largely related to IRURASHIKU,
Battle also on the right shows the rate of noise in the numbers.
Battle noise factor is the impact is fairly large and say that.

Rockman is changing the face!!

World of frequent violent waves of virus and the noise factor in the rise of the runaway system.
The reason for this is really what is that?
Scramble to resolve the situation and SATERAPORISU Subaru's head of a giant presence
Meteor G's approach to the planet as a result of the noise impact of the collapse of the world to start radio.
Not surprisingly, the giant Subaru will be able to halt the meteor?
The G meteor to Earth to lead his people who the hell! ? ?

I'll never understand the Japanese...
"Mega Man 3" will further develop the technology is the world's radio and the
So far more than using a variety of radio can be
However, the harmful effects of the violent waves of virus and the noise factor is the rise of the secondary system in the stampede.
So, is SATERAPORISU UIRUSUBASUTINGU for the development of the new,
The new terminal, "Hunter VG"!
Hunter VG the initial state is not only a wizard in mobile devices, but
UIZADOADAPUTA be plugged into the slot,
Favorite Wizard can be installed

Links wizard in the terminal role, as well as
Of the human body instead of working on a variety of us present.
Calculations from heavy lifting, such as dishes, each with a variety of good and capable man to help him. In particular, this recent wave of violent emergence of the virus, developed by the UIRUSUBASUTINGU specific performance BATORUUIZADO called a wizard.
These technologies, Warlock wizard in the real world as it is possible to materialize!
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