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What I think would do SF good.
Topic Started: Jul 11 2008, 11:08 PM (171 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I once posted where I thought BN went wrong after 3 and how it should have gone. Now i'll try to figure in foresight what would probably do the StarForce series the most good.
First i'll say the 3rd games bonus quest should have some connection to ACDC, say it was burried because of some dark secret, and at the end someone tips you off of the entrance in a place that is familiar. (Not Echo Ridge that would just be too... It wouldn't be good.) You can fight some ancient navis and also discover what happened that was so horrible, that mankind wiped the whole town off the planet. (I'd prefer MegaMan.Exe to be responsible for the destruction in some way.)

Now for strictly SF help.
The 4th game should start after a 4-5 year time skip. Geo is now a Junior and about 16 or 17. (2 takes place on the Summer vacation after 5th grade. 3 will end with him partway or starting 6th) With this come new 'mature' forms (even Em Body forms including a more adult Harp Note, Rogue and MegaMan) for every character and that will bring a more mature story including putting in Geo in mature difficult situations.
Either they would return crosses or have Virus themed forms(returning to styles might also be nice). I'm not sure how maturity could really cross over into battles yet, but i'll update if/when I do.
Throw in either Pseudo 3D sprites or actual 3d models on the map as well or at least some FMVs, don't remove the voice acting either this time. Completely remove errand boy quests except as jobs or tutorials as well. Also change the run success percentage from being Hp based to battle win based. Another mechanic that might also help would be to have as a card is used more and more it's chances of appearing increase. This would add the incentive to switch up your Cards or pick cards more carefully so you don't get your weakest cards when S ranking a boss, but you may have to sacrifice getting an enemy card or having to think outside the box.
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