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New Blood
Topic Started: Jul 11 2008, 02:10 PM (185 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Overview: (Most important part italicized)
This is an RP about vampires, vampires have lived among us for many years blending in and occasionally feasting on humans or cattle.
Vampires were a Micro-evolutionary leap that began around 200 AD and reached their peak a month ago, September 2013. When this peak was reached some began to cut off some of the tech we rely so heavily on essentially bringing life to point where cars are a luxury, and cell phones cannot be easily made and there are a lot more dead spots. This change has left the Vampires at an advantage in hunting humans.
Vampires reach their maximum power at age 15, a second puberty if you will. Older vampires will continue to evolve stronger powers as they feed on blood. A vampire isn't exactly this superbeing, if they fail to feed their body, they will die. They can also eat like a regular human but lose their powers. A vampires powers include:
The ability to regenerate from any injury except full decapitation where their head is taken at least 500 feet from their body or the removal of their beating heart on a stake. Burning occasionally can kill a vampire but a lot of effort must be put into it.
Immortality, The ability to Jump long distances, Drink Blood, Sense death and blood of a human or animal, screech and change their hands to sharp claws. Enhanced speed and power also come with the race, other rarer powers do exist.
A vampire often looks a bit pale and is usually blinded by sunlight, Most vampires also carry an allergy to Garlic which will cause their muscles to tense and weaken as well as daze them. They also are not very "photogenic" and often appear blurry or distorted.
There are some humans who hunt vampires and have a deep hatred for them, putting all of them into one worthless boat.


Specialized power request area:


No Gmodding
No Killing Other player characters or a named NPC without agreement. (death is something that would be nice to see in this RP.)
Agreement can be through PM or 'OOc:'
I'll tell you if your powers are alright or if they are too powerful/Don't fit.
No controlling other playable characters or NPCs connected directly to a player character.

Alright well your free to post your characters. :nameiscool:

The scent of blood led you too this clue, but where is it that controvercy over censorship ensued?
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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