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My Summer Reviews PART1
Topic Started: Jul 11 2008, 10:09 AM (179 Views)
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Hows 00000
Actually got a few reviews for today kids! :nameiscool:

Mario Kart Wii
If most of you read my earlier comment then you'll now where I'll be heading with this. Mario Kart WII is the worst Mario Kart game ever! EVER! Sure it's entertaining for a few minutes but, after you had time to play around with most of it's features by the first day I guarrenntee you'll feel like you just wasted your money and your time. To begin with, bad mutiplayer options. Where's the old battle mode options we know and love?! And why teams only?! It's so limited that it felt like this component was still in the making (like in a beta version.) The new options are fun for awhile until your friends get bored (soon very soon) or your tired of the hammering ai cuz of a very faulty item grab system. This is my biggest complaint with the game - item grabbing. Usually in Mario Kart when your in last (or close to it) you'll gain good items (but, not all the time) more like 70% of the time but, now Nintendo screwed one of my favirote games by having these god-like-items be unleashed upon players all the time NOW A WHOPPING 90% OF THE TIME! This can be a real big pain since if your in first you'll be bashed alot with clouds, lightning, blue shell, oh and uhh...................... DID I FORGET BLUE SHELL?! LOOK OUT! Cuz the only way you'll love this new alteration is if your the one dishing the hurt in last or close to last place. "So your best beat is to never be in first for long always in 5th or above! That's how you play mario kart now kids!" Oh and kids don't forget to buy another wii wheel so all of your friends and family can play with a intuitive plastic wheel! YAY!................ The wheel is gay. It's a nice idea at first but, they should've went another direction with it (like the old desgined wheels for the old systems.) I think the wheel was just there so kids can really think they bought a high-profile game but, it's useless or good for babies. Speaking of babies, what's up with the wierd crontrols. Did a baby make em' but, ok I'm just skipping around now to be honest the whole game felt overpriced with it's lame mutiplayer graphics, design, feel and controls I think the only redeeming quility is the online play (which I didn't really play seeing as I stop relaly playing this after the first or second day! (And went right back to smash brothers brawl) and the fact that you can pop wheelies on a bike. I'm gonna wrap this up, and say if you want to play a good mario kart then wait a bit longer otherwise rent.
Unreal Tournement III
My bro just got this yesterday and I have one word:
This is everything I thought it would be and more! Competitive ai, addictive mutiplayer and fast-paced action! Way better than Halo 3! I've actully found a shorter that I don't suck at! I haven't played online yet but, from what I've played now this game is fantastic - nice animations, plenty of blood, tons of characters and a create arsanal of vechiles and guns that anyone at all could love. This game is so basic that anyone can pick up and play and that's what I like. There's just one slight problem I have at this goes to the creator, same with Gears of War, THIS NEEDS OFFLINE 4 PLAYERS! otherwise this is a great game. And I usually hate 360 titles.
Ninja Gaiden 2
Blood-thiristy-unnesscary-hack-slashing-action! Now with the new Ninja Gaiden game for the Xbox 360! This game features all the things you'd expect from a game based on a ninja and more - shurikens, evil fiends, great boss fights and dragon statue save points! Ninja Gaiden 2 is so cool. I was gonna get this but, got MSF2 (I rented this game a while back if your woundering) and I regret not getting it cuz I realize now just how awesome it is to slice someone open and walk on walls. To be honest this is a great game with no flaws except it's lousy camera angle and saving points that sometime feel out of reach. It's beatuiful, sounds a great and it's control scheme is nice (walking on walls is a bit painful though). Nothing more to say but:
Megaman StarForce2
Look up in the sky it's a blue figure! .... boys and girls: Megaman AGAIN!
Perfered to as Megaman Battle Network 8 by ign I'm starting to perfer it as that as well. I mean to be quite honest I felt like this game was a big rehash rather than a big giant leap forward. It's been sequal after sequal and since MBN2 I've fell in love with the whol card-battle-mechanics but, it's starting to wear thin. I'll cover everything in this review down from the stroy, to graphics and then some....

The story in MSF2 was hard to get into because of the large amounts of text than I had to keep pressing A through or the wierd text bunching "Hey megaman we should do this but,blah blah blah" I did like the whole tribe thing but, I couldn't really buy into it cuz this whole fusing thing has been done before in several MBN games before and so as I've said it's getting old. The fact that you can't skip some cutscenes also bugged me too and to newcomers this is a big trun-away. (I have proof) And would it kill them to stop trying so hard to reach out into other audiences?
Time to go buck wild kid!

This is starting to get on my nerves

(just some main examples (that last one I made up but, you get my point.)

Moving along, another bad factor is the graphics which are starting to wear thin (besides the 3d in battle) and they should really think of making the whole game 3d. (Like pokemon DP if in any case) plus this whole backtracking and fetching needs to stop right here cuz I swear this is the last game I will buy if I have to keep going back in circles AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! It get's very repitive and will leave others to throw their nintendo ds' around and maybe just hut it off and go throw it down a river. Seriously, capcom why? In one part Geo is asked if he wants to ride back with his pals
I'll take th eway I came (via wave road)


Another problem is the random encounters. There just too much. It's getting a bit overboard and on fetch quests you'd really find it a pain. Honestly there are some good things in the game such as the long overdo "online versus" which can be fun as long as your not facing someone who cheated to get the tribe king forms and such via the stupid wave cammand code. But, yeah there's absoutly no reason for you to buy this, a mistake i made but, rent it definitly.
Edited by mavrikgames, Jul 11 2008, 10:34 AM.
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The ninja admin
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Woah, I'd like to see you review MMBN4. Maybe I'll do some more Reviews too.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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