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Timeline Discussion; The legendary mystery!
Topic Started: Jun 17 2008, 11:04 PM (208 Views)
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The ninja admin
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This is where to post your theories and discuss other theories.

To explain my theory let me use this video. They got the start right.
I strongly believe that Minish is the first in the chronology, because i've heard things about the Cap being refered to as memorable as well as unique to the people, as if the hat part is the start of the legend.
Then like they say OOT has two chronologic endings. That is like the end of where I agree. I'll start with their child ending.
Obviously Majora's directly follows and is the same Link. Link has his Ocorina, Epona and it is basically clear it follows like a month or so after the child ending.
To keep clear and simplify my point for this line i'll call it the Entrepreneuring link line. Basically to summarize, Link wanders after leaving Termina and never truely returns to Hyrule. So basically sometime after MM the oracle games begin whether diverging on their own or taking place in an order.

Now to the Loyal Link Line or L3

Sometime shortly after OOT, Ganon tries to abuse the Twili, link seems to seal him at the end. Really Ganon was playing dead and waited until link settled into seclusion and was too old to challenge him, and returned. In a last ditch effort to save hyrule from him the Gods and a young king flood it. Some time passes and Ganon regains some of his sanity and wishes to ammend his sins a bit and save hyrule and maybe accept being king if the people were so kind. The King who became corrupt in vengence is infuriated Ganon has changed and wishes to keep him someone he can hate, so he brings link and his daughter(grand daughter) into it. So link seals him in stone. Hourglass follows, no reason, just cause I said it does(same reason as MM). Then Awakening occours as the waters begin to recede, link crashes on a peak just now becoming notable and passes out. (This could go anywhere, but link would need a boat following hourglass.) Then ALTTP after the water fully recedes, the game seemed to have a well watered world. The original is confirmed to take place after ALTTP, followed by zelda two. Dark link then returns in 4 swords for GCN.

I might however move the WW games (maybe awaking, maybe not) to after MM, because Link wouldn't return period in that time. In that case Ganon would be sealed in the Sacred realm/Dark World after TP.
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