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eco creatures:Save the forrest Demo impressions; Brainwashing tool for kids 2 and up!
Topic Started: Jun 4 2008, 03:33 PM (178 Views)
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The ninja admin
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At first glance this looks like Animal Crossing, it is nothing like beyond looks, you realize this the same time you catch that it's main purpose is to be a RTS for young children, that isn't it's purpose though, i'll get to that later.
The game centers around a clan of durians who can summon woodland creatures to send into battle with the games enemies, the enemies mind their own business cutting down a tree here and there and then you send brainwashed innocent squirrels and beavers to assault them and their bloated cows. The game also includes a tree planting mechanic which is merely cosmetic except in the rare chances it tells you about when you get something good. The trees arn't even solid.
The game then reveals it's motive, it's motive is to plant corrupt ideas into childrens minds. It teaches that having the world be one giant forest grants you magical powers. And that anyone who dares even think of harming a tree is the spawn of satan and "needs to be stopped whatever the cost."
Ok it didn't qoute say anything except what I quoted, but it was clear what they were trying to put into childrens minds after the first 25 text bubbles repeating the same ideas.

[bThe game revolves around a clan of Magical ]Verdict[/b]
Avoid this! It's put out by radical Greens, who think trees are more important than human life!
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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