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I just uploaded most of muses new album to the radio and pretty much all of the killers.

No band is seriously jumping out at me right now over any other, so i'm letting you the people and other staff make requests for the next band I give a station. Let me just say one thing right now, I will never upload anything by lady gaga. I am a music lover so garbage like her, you gotta do yourself. There also is a chance I might have trouble doing little known bands, or niche genre bands. For example I think I had trouble with finding entire Christian albums; even from the superstars like Kutless and Skillet.

Nevertheless make your requests or suggestions for bands you think would be nice to be able to listen to while you post or even surf the net! I'll consider the suggestions and will try to amass some of the most wanted, or ones I'm like "Oh yeah! They would be good!"
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