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Don't update your Wii unless you are interested in getting a brand new system, with all of your information ported over. The most recent update unleashed a Wii pandemic, for some reason it will randomly destroy Wiis. (Nintendo can still peel your data out though.) It was supposed to fight the homebrewers, but Nintendo's incompetent programmers royally f***** up, and instead made it turn random Wiis into a paperweight mode. There are rumors powering off or disconnecting your internet increases the chance of the update going sour, so if you want to avoid your Wii dying and are dumb enough to update, avoid doing those. If you want a free new system, get ready to unplug your Wii midway through. Just be aware if you have used homebrew and send in for replacement, Nintendo will hold your Wii's carcass hostage and not provide any restitution.

This has also begun an uproar across the wii community, people are fed up about getting targeted instead of the homebrewers. (which BTW is perfectly legal) People are preparing to contact Nintendo periodically, suggesting they actually work with the homebrew creators to take the Wii to its full potential. If you agree with Nintendo seeking the help of far superior programmers, feel free to join that campaign.

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