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Is that an rpg, I kind of like RPGs, but I'm picky, I like good ones that don't include 3 useless stats that affect the gameplay in no way. They also need to be somewhat unique, even if in an undergroud, WTF!?/Corney way. Breath of Fire 2 on the VC for example is a great RPG that pioneered many things and systems now commonplace, yet gets no credit for them. Sure the game is confusing and weird as heck. It is probably the most brutally difficult RPG ever. If you don't follow a FAQ you can permenently miss events, most will only bother a completionist; for example not getting to expand your village, or missing several Shamans. One however will cut your game short and give you the bad ending. GoldenSun took quite a bit from BOF in some ways(shamans/Djinni come to mind right off the bat), of course GS is made by Camelot, a company co-owned by Capcom, the maker of BOF. (heck, even GS will barr you from a dungeon if you don't transfer your fully completed data!)
I do like Fighting games though and TVC looks awesome. For more info on TVC...
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