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The Wii has a bunch of crap games for sure. I'm probably going to sell my Wii, but I'm keeping my GC, DS and SP, those are the things Nintendo did right..... Dude, how can you count Naruto as a game to look forward to? :XD: Actually I was also going to sell my 360, but my bro didn't want me to, so I got a Oblivion. I'm glad I did, I've been playing it for like five hours a day every day. The PS3 is good, but a lot of the good games it has don't run to well on it because they are ports from the 360, also it's not getting Conviction, though eventually it probably will. InFamous is cool, but it has a lot of problems. Oblivion doesn't run as well on it as it does on the PC and 360. Assassin's Creed II and MW2 are the only other things to look forward to on it. I'm not saying Dragon Age 'cause of the sex scenes :Lecture:
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