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Hows 00000
Aug 18 2009, 04:09 PM
I'm Retro to current I still have a SNES and SGB, no GCN though, I gave mine to my sister.
Yes, most of wii's good games are 3rd party on every console, but they still are good games. (except the first RockBand)
I would never buy a VC or WW game without thoroughly checking reviews though, hence my complete satisfaction with both of them. BOFII and SMRPG.

It would be kind of ironic if tomorrow Nintendo announced, F-zeroWii, KirbyAirRide2, SmashBros.Frenzy, CustomRoboWii, MarioPart9Online, StarFoxWii, MML3 exclusively on Wii, MMXCM2, EB and All of the never before released FE's on the VC, and then also announced they would support VC GB games, now with onlineplay. And finally that they bought 49% shares in Capcom and SE, making them essentially 2nd party.
if only, if only. pipedream...

my only regret is now I can't get Red Steel 2 or play the Condiut or Brawl anymore. Well I can always play wii online now. WAHAHAHA WAHAHAHA!!!!!!
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