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Hows 00000
Aug 18 2009, 03:41 PM
To avoid being a troll I will ignore all references to Sony or their products in your post...

Well maybe the Sony and Microsoft discussion here can finally expand now. Oh and Wii is far from dead, they have their old games, Breath of Fire II on VC, and rockband and guitar hero games coming. Plus it also has all of the GCN games, which just 4 of those make it worth it to keep a wii; Kirby Airide, F-zero gx, Melee and MMXCM... Since Spider is the greatest character ever, why would I abandon the one(technically two) console I can see him on?
Yeah but most of wiis games can be gotten on any system and most are made by wack third party developers. Take a few games you just said for example: Guitar Hero and RockBand. I could play them on my 360 or Xbox so why play them on a wii, which the deveolpers end of releasing the version later than from the other two consoles - 360 and PS3. Thing is, the people at Nintendo never try to secure the rights to any key franchises either. Take final Fantansy. Its always be on Sony and suddenly is taken also on the 360. While the wii and the ds get crappy FF games (some being just small little sidegames.) Also the VC arcade on Wii - offically is absoulete to 360 and PS3. First off 360 and PS3 has better ways to search their arcade titles. They even let you play free trails. Thats one of the things I hate about the VC/Wiiware on wii. I just bought a game on the vc a week ago and it sucked. Now if I was able to preview it maybe I would've bought a better game. As for F-Zero, Melee and Kirby and much as those games are great classics its GC gams. And GC and PS2s really getting up there. I guess if your retro you'll always go back to old games like that. (Yet, I still got a Gamecube)

EDIT: Also to add the PS3 allows you to use PSP (you can play goes on it on the PS3 I think, haven't tried that theory yet, might be a rumor.) Yet I can't do this with ANYTHING on the wii. Yeah sure, connect your wii to get a beta demo for some game on the niintendo channel. Or with Pokemon BR. Otherwise, no connectivity really with the DSI/DS, which is what alot of people long for.

Forgot to add, most games on the wii have busted controls too and if they expect to get anywhere the guys at nintendo need to share their serects with the other third party developers to make other games.
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