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A smoke bomb is just another projectile like Saturn, except it fires smoke out. In brawl they also shrunk pretty much every item by like 75%, so unless maybe you have a 84" widescreen, you have to pause to find the items that now blend into most stages. The characters also sometimes blend in, I just don't like brawl at all. Sakurai should never be allowed to make another game. Maybe if Nintendo Teamed with Capcom and/or Sega we could get another great Smash. If Sakurai continues with his whole, "never let a sequel keep the good parts of its prequel." We will have Smash Racing or Smash Golf.
SmashBand the polka music game anyone?
I kind of liked the target tests being puzzles created for each character, and the platform game. SSE was too repetitive on the bad parts of it. (running through long boring hallways filled with enemies that really can't kill you, but instead just annoyingly slow you down so you want to have a nuke power-up to instantly kill every ****** enemy in a fit of sweet revenge. Unfortunately there is no nuke ability to bring us joy.)
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