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Aug 12 2009, 10:23 PM
Aug 12 2009, 04:21 PM
Aug 12 2009, 04:02 PM
Lul, too bad I got myself banned there, it's taking it's toll. :What do U mean sparky didnt run away?:

Thx ND and GBPA. And GBPA, I hadz the name first so BLEH! :P

(Oh, and TNG, you need a new d: smiley... =\)
2004 at latest... for me...
No actually I had to get parental permission so I had my name in 2003 at latest... So beat that! wiggitywack
Oh and the :P smily is wiggitywack
When I was six I dreamed of transforming into a giant Gameboy and flying around. When I was six, it was 2003. :3
Well... wen I was hanging with a friend somehow we got to talking what superheros we'd be. I was like I'd be GameBoy cause I'm a boy gamer. Then i'd have 2 hyper modes. GameBoyAdvance, an advanced form, and GameBoyPlayer, a new enigmatic form when the GBP was announced.
Luckily they stopped making gameboys or my name would be really long...
Anyway then I came up with the cross fusion hyper mode, GameBoyPlayerAdvance. (there was also a phase where DS was tacked on because they didn't tell us it wasn't a GameBoy.) (yes I know I skipped the SuperGameBoy, but superheros with super in their name are lame.)

So there, my story is cooler...
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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