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Aug 2 2009, 09:11 PM
Mr. Psych
Aug 2 2009, 05:36 PM
Being immortal would be, as the MFZ puts it, an immortal curse. Living to see everyone you love and will ever love die and have to live through it would make you suicidal- OH WAIT. You can't die can you? You'd be living in hell on Earth.

It depends, would I still be allowed eternal life in heaven after the universe is destroyed? If not then I would reject it flat out, but I believe I would accept it if God was still allowing me to go to heaven.
Well... when the universe is torn to shreds nothing will survive regardless, so... yeah, when you reach the edge of time your body would not be able to support itself outside of space, I think... Or is space something that just kind of exists alongside or as part of God? This stuff gets confusing very easily. Besides as long as you believed and never blasphemed the HS he would be breaking his promise if he rejected you.
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