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Aug 2 2009, 05:36 PM
Being immortal would be, as the MFZ puts it, an immortal curse. Living to see everyone you love and will ever love die and have to live through it would make you suicidal- OH WAIT. You can't die can you? You'd be living in hell on Earth.
Well if an immortal is invulnerable to physical harm, usually an immortal is the only thing that can harm them... So unless you are Ganondorf, (turn to stone rather than actually kicking it) Link, or Zelda (float as a spirity thing before reincarnating yourself), you or another immortal could stab you or break your neck and kill you. So if you got the stoning thing you can go into a kind of Stasis until some idiot pulls the sword out of your skull. If you got plain immortality you could theoretically commit suicide, if you have the guts to do it!
BTW you see how when you said immortal it became a link? You can click it and see the article on immortality...
Kind of like when I post Kappa here it goes there. Try typing different things to see if you get a link. If you don't get one on something you think you should and know a lot about it. You can go Here and post an article about it. Be sure to refer to This topic to learn how to make a proper article.
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