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Yeah, I wouldn't want immortality unless I could select a few other people to also have immortality. When you fall in love it would be a nightmare to have your wife die, and then your next one die and so on. Probably I would want to also be able to give it to my girl, my best friend, probably his girl and my first born son, Seth. I couldn't make my best friend suffer the loss of everyone he loves, so his wife would also need to become immortal.
Without that it would turn into a curse after a while. After you fall in love several times and lose them you would consider it a curse. Then you are left having to commit suicide to pass on to be with them. I don't think I could kill myself in cold blood. :XD:
If you were immortal you could never be famous unless you could also shapeshift, because people would be like "Hey, that guy still looks like he is still 18 and he is 70!" Their great grandchildren would say, "This guy has lived for 300 years, he must be the Devil! KILL HIM!!!"
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