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Hows 00000
Jul 29 2009, 05:34 PM
Why would that mean it is the end? His father was only really a plot point in the first game. I never felt like the over arching arc was about rescuing his father. I think it could be the end of this chapter in starforce, I think the next chapter will jump about 5 years into the future and go for 3 more games.
A few things point to that being the end:

1.) Geos fathers disapperance was like the major driving force for his charcater. With him back I really would like to see them come up with another father-acting-like-son inspiring game. You really had to have played the third to see what I mean. I mean everything that happened in the game points to the signs that this is the last game.

2.) The crossover coming out. It would make sense why their doing it. Cuz both series are done. The crossover could be the last chapter in megaman rpg series even. Would make sense to close out with something like that.

3.) We get megaman games about a year after their release in japan and yet I've seen no shots or info on starforce 4 unlike I did with the other games before they were even announced for the U.S. That goes same for when mbn games were coming out.
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