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(I'm just going to continue the post in this one, because nobody reads edits. =P just kidding)

Yeah, Ganon needs some serious work. The thing with the DK series is they aren't as popular so people don't know the characters as well. I think the V B makes a great transform, or else you have a character that has way to many moves, whereas with the V B you still get a couple extra moves, but not as many and you still have use of the alternate karate. I loved taking Pichu in Melee, in my Pichu prime he was made fun to use, Roy was pretty beast, but Link was the real cheap thing, in Brawl they realized he was to cheap in the previous one so they dumbed him down to much. Toon Link was the real Zelda power in Brawl. I thought Snake was hard to use, but he was fun because he was different from a lot of characters (remote bombs rock though, particularly when you put them on someone's head.) Ike, the cheap powerhouse, was still reasonable, and was a suitable replacement for Roy, but he still has his weaknesses, especially against Zero Suit Samus. I don't really use the Mario characters that much, maybe Peach and Bowser every now and again, but Bowser's real prime was in Melee. Zelda and Sheik were just messed up in Brawl, in Melee they were good, but now they kind of suck.
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