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Yeah, pokemon has the largest share unless you lump Yoshi, Wario and maybe Donkey Kong into Mario. And they got rid of Mewtwo who was kinda hard to play as, but. Pichu made no sense he was the underestimated beast of Melee. In a master's hands no one could touch him without incredible luck.
IMO Snake was terrible and not just because as a character few have heard or cared about him. I felt like I had to stop, and think about what all of his moves would end up doing because he felt so unnatural.
I liked Lucas once I figured out he was the cheap character of the game. (Roy was the one in Melee... I think... It could have been Pichu, and I was just the greatest Roy player ever.) Lucas is great for trying to beat any Intense challenge in Brawl.
I don't agree with making any character's Down B a transform. They should have several buttons you hold to transform, like hold A, B and Y simultanously. Gannon needs to stop being a clone unless he is going to use some of those moves on Link. (and his Up B better never occur in a Zelda game, his others may be passable, but not Up B.
What about Dixey Kong or Cranky or... K. Rool. I could see Funky if he was based on his DK64 form, maybe he could have styles to change to and be like Samus.
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