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:Who would have guessed?:

They should ditch a few Pokemon characters, there were way to many in the last one if you include the Pokemon Trainer (which I do.) They should ditch Falco as well, he kinda sucked in Brawl, but still keep Wolf. Sonic was lame, Snake rocked though. Lucas was pointless, he was way to cheap, and yet he was fast and had great jump despite his power, but the thing was he didn't count as a super tiny, just a small. Toon Link was cool, but what they need to do is add Wolf Link as Link's V B and give him some magic powers and leave the items to Toon Link. Though Ganondorf's style was changed quite a bit, they still gave him the same B moves as Captain Falcon. Diddy Kong was a smart move, but I don't think they should add any other Dk characters. Zero Suit Samus was a great instalation and should be kept in there, just not as a final smash move or as a preselect, make that one a V B too.

I'm not finished with this post, I have something to do so I'm posting it now.
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