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Hows 00000
Jul 20 2009, 05:15 PM
I don't have it, My DS's touch screen screen is acting screwy.(it's X axis sensors are a little jumpy) I've heard the game is very technical and your touch targets are only a few pixels big. If it was like NewSuperMarioBros. and the world select(and required no drawing) I could play through the game given enough patience.
I played the Demo and sucessfully completed it, but MMSF plot challenges can be what would destroy my chances of getting very far. (for example my zerker game is stuck at the first Mu door, because I can't draw the runes)
If the people I asked lied I might be able to get it soon, because I put a bunch of games on craigslist and have several people who want to buy several games.
If I can sell enough, maybe I can buy someone's used DS Lite. (just because they discontinued the classics. Hugs my classic, you may have a jumpy TS but you are still better than any DS Lite)

Edit: And it is GBPA! NOT GBAP! GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! wiggitywack
I was in a rush ....

darn that sucks I was looking forward to playing you. I only know 2 people online that would have the game - you and this other guy I meet on gamespot. I gotta say they butchered what made the first 2 games awesome though. The controls don't sit well for me seeing as thhough my dsi's R button keeps getting stuck together.

I'm only at the first part of the game though. starts out really slow. I hope I get to play you online though.
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