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KOC is very over rated. I used to love StarLight but then I had to do a project for school on its worldview and meaning. I spent so much time listening to it over and over to get the lyrics so they would pop-up on my video and the right time. Now it has kind of lost its awesomeness and still doesn't feel the same.
I did learn my lesson and when I did TOADA(Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist) I fit as many lyrics in and turned my volume down until the part I needed to check came. I completely forgoed lyrics for Linkin Park's Breaking the Habit and just inserted their video to push the envelope for my final project. (which I was given notice I had to do like a couple days in advance. Well I knew it was coming, but TOADA drained me and I was sick in-between the two.) I also considered The Killers' Mr.BS, because of the sexual conotations, but I felt BTH felt far darker, had mild sexual connotations, emoness and suicide. Aerosmith was another possibility, but... just youtube Livin' On The Edge and you'll see. (be warned what you see is not pretty... Aerosmith, is far too sexual in general)

Oh and by the way did you know Linkin Park is composed mostly of Jewish and Christian guys?! I was shocked to death to discover that! Then you know, because i'm a ninja I came back to life, "plugged in and it crucified my enemies". <---- WTF! :I dont no anything about that...:
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