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This comes from Nintendo's Official LaytonTwitter.

I received an invitation this morning to something called the "Grand Smash Brothers Tournament". Does anyone know anything about it?
Why on earth do I need a weapon to go and attend this tournament? All I have is my fencing sword and my wit!
All this talk of fighting tournaments, electric rats and pink puffballs reminds me of a riddle: When is it bad luck to meet a white cat?
(the answer was electric rat, but it has nothing to do with SmashBros... or does it...)
I'm on my way to the "Grand Smash Tournament" now! Wish me luck! Though, I am not exactly sure what I am going to be doing...
This is nothing like what I expected! I was told to FIGHT a blue robot boy, a possessed doll, and a tiny boxer! I'm leaving at once!
I could've used my wit to be a hero @mattmagician? No. A gentleman never starts a fight nor do they attack unprovoked. It's uncivilized.
I've arrived home safe and sound. Now all I need is a good long rest. I'll have more riddles for you all tomorrow. Sleep well students!
(then today after the talk of Smash ended for a while...)
Well @ApprenticeLuke, it was a barbaric tournament of strength that I should like no part in. No intellect was needed in order to compete.

Yes... He just confirmed, if Nintendo is not composed entirely of cruel bas****s, MegaMan and Geno along with a mysterious tiny boxer. (Maybe a reference to the oddly tiny Little Mac Assist, but I doubt it. That one has to be a real riddle, perhaps the Kirby boxer or another boxer, one who is tiny.)

There is a chance that the people at Nintendo have no souls, but I am hoping... I am hoping this is real and Sakurai makes good on his promise to not do another smash bros. (what next a new mode Mr. Sakurai's day to day diary? How to make Sakurai grandfather's secret special curry. The entire Phonebook for (insert name of city). And the inclusion alongside tripping, muscle cramps (You go to punch or do anything and instead your character falls on the floor writhing, leaving you open for 15 seconds and costing you the match.))

Interesting notes:
Remains of Geno(among other characters including Mewtwo) and his music remain hidden within brawl.
MegaMan, I think was #1 on wanted lists in japan and also incredibly high if not #1 in America(excluding Geno on the lists because he made it and then was removed. I don't know if the inclusion of Geno would change MegaMan's ranking at all though. I think I heard in both countries they were around the same spots.)).
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