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Where do I start?

I must have heard approximately infinity songs by this band. Let's count:

1. In the End
2. What I've Done
3. Numb
4. Bleed It Out
5. No More Sorrow
6. One Step Closer
7. Papercut
8. Somewhere I Belong
9. Faint
10. Breaking the Habit
11. Leave Out All the Rest
12. Shadow of the Day
13. Given Up
14. My December
15. Crawling
16. Pushing Me Away

I'll probably think of a bunch more later. And I'll probably listen to more when I'm bored.

I saw them live on their Projekt Revolution tour recently. The show was amazing. I must have gotten close to losing my voice at least infinity times.

This band really is amazing; they have a song for everybody. For people who like soft songs, there's Leave Out All the Rest. For screamy rockers, there's One Step Closer. For somewhere inbetween, there's Numb.

Did I mention this band is amazing?

EDIT: Oh, yeah! I forgot Crawling! *adds*

EDIT2: I also forgot Pushing Me Away! GAH!

EDIT3: Just decided to add this in while I was merging. Now I've heard so many songs by them I won't bother adding all of them in. I've bought their whole Hybrid Theory album and I'm planning to pick up on the others soon.
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