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L: Now we finish these scumbags off.
Yaro: I'll show you my clans power is far beyond your ninja clans.
L: Then why did you clan die off?
Yaro: Samurais may be many times more powerful than a ninja, but ninjas had numbers and ambushed us. If it was fair and each Samurai only had to fight 20 ninja, we may have won. I am the last known son of my race.
L: Who killed your clan.
Yaro: No-one nows exactly, it is said one named Orochimar did, my clan originally lived in peace on the continent of Mu. 1025 years ago a man known as Orochimaru by our high sages wanted our land and conquered all but a few family who fleed and took up the mantle of mere mortals. The clan lost its powers from lack of use, however I ran into this guy Felom, he had one of our sacred gems which awakened the spirit of my ancestors that lied deep inside of my soul.
L: Talk about irony, Felom is Orochimaru.
Yaro: Lies.
L: Yeah, you are making my blood boil, but my grudge lies with Eirick.
He lifts Endorf and stabs Eirick in the chest.
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