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@ Mavrik I respect your opinion, but Zelda is a kids game the highest rating they get is T and that was only in Twilight Princess. Now a change of story would be nice, but the reason Zelda is famous is because of it's story (and to some extent game play, hence why Ocarina of Time was a big hit.) Now if they made it a save the world instead of princess it would be cool, now if they gave you a option to be the antagonist in one file and the protagonist on the other that would be awesome even if it was still a princess situation it would be cool.

@ GBPA That is a good idea, but it make more sense like this:

Link's items: sword, claw shot, boomerang, grappling hook, deku nuts, iron boots (as well as the blue tunic,) and bow. Link's abilities: swim, dive, stealth (like in TWW,) jump (like in the 2-D games just without an item, with the Wiimote/Nunchuck controller there are enough buttons for it to be possible,) karate (Link is good enough that he doesn't always need a sword,) tiger-riding (I'd like to see Link ride a tiger into battle,) and various types of magic.

Deku Scrub's items: deku nuts, and deku stick. Deku Scrub's abilities: float (on water,) stealth, weak defense (everything hurts these guys more,) and super jump (a higher jump than Link's because it is lighter.)

Hylian's (another elf like Link to help fight) items: sword, hammer, bow, deku stick, and bombs. Hylian's abilities: jump, swim, karate, and horse-riding (Link is the only one who gets a tiger though.)

Goron's items: bombs, super bombs, and hammer. Goron's abilities: roll (can do a super jump while rolling,) super karate (extra powerful punches,) sink (Goron's sink in water so it would be just like falling in a hole, you get hurt and revert to the place where you entered that area/room,) and improved defense (against all attacks including magic attacks also reduced damage from fire and ice.)

Zora's items: spear (like the ones in TP,) and water bombs. Zora's abilities: super swim (can swim faster,) super dive (can dive faster,) weak karate, and jump.

Ok, it sounds a lot like Majora's mask, just with a few additions and such, also it'd have your idea where you can switch only at certain areas, really since you'd have to change so much it would be at entrances to areas or some place in every area can have something that can switch your party member. This would make it a lot more complicated that TMM.

Add the idea where you could be either the protagonist party, or the antagonist party. Put a bunch of side-quests, but still have a main story to it and you have a solid Zelda game.
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