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Another idea, what if link was to put together a party, not like FF or the BOF series. More like the super Paper mario party where you can just switch out any time or maybe they could even have a God shrine you must switch at. The former would allow better puzzles, but the latter would extend gameplay. (You open a door deep in a dungeon then have to leave and switch then fight back in, use an ability and then go back and switch again)
Each person could alter certain items as well as have a special power the others lack.
Examples would be
Link the fasted most balanced archer.
Vaati Arrows that can home in the air however you use a small amount of magic.
Zora Arrows home in the water.
Goron Super fast arrows with incredible force, for knocking thinks down you can't reach. Reload time is forever though.

Link Just regular bombs...
Vatti Bombs with a huge blast area that loses power as it's blast expands, with a bit of magic they can slide after enemies.
Zora Underwater bombs.
Goron best bombs hand down large blast best power. (Gorons make bombs... they have to be deadly)
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