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I am glad to say that this particular rumor is fake.

I agree with the save Zelda part, but not the FF part. FF is considered one of the greatest rpgs, but as far as gameplay goes only III and XII are any good, the turn base in FF most of the time sucks, the only reason III was any good because you could change your character classes, therefore making the game much more customizable, XII was good because you played in real time, the battles were similar to KH (which is very fun.) Also XII had a much better story than the rest. Zelda has a good story most of the time, and the game play is terrific (at least in the 3-D ones, and many of the 2-D ones.) It does need something new, but not FF new, maybe if they made Zelda like fable it would be a lot better at least if they made it like Fable in some aspects while retaining a E-T rating Zelda is after supposed to be a kids game.

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