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Hows 00000
yeah, I don't know why they just didn't add anither class durning any of the sequals.

So far I've only made three cards cuz I'm not sure how to battle system will work being that it won't be turn-based and you be pulled into battles via random encounter. I could only think a few now.
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Fire blade - Holding and release "A" to send a fury of fire slash/blast at nearby opponents
hp + - the first version of the hp healing cards - heals 100 (the next ones 250 and 500)
Infection burst - (Must be in Rock on/Infected state) Destroys weak inficted enemys.

I also made the inside of a house(s). The houses in the game look similar to the old legend of zelda ones except darker and like most things in the game - done with watercolor.
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