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According to the interview you probably are right, they said this one will be massive (much larger than TP,) but it will be even darker as well, you won't play as Link. You'll be a Link wannabe somebody who has heard about Link and is obsessed with what he does so much so that when the kingdom is in danger they take upon themselves to do the Link thing. That part is all right, also the next part is cool too, they will be explaining the flooding in Wind Waker, like halfway through the game Hyrule will start to flood and keep flooding until it's covered in water (meaning you can't wander aimlessly around Hyrule field.) Your goal is to fight Ganondorf (yeah he is still the villain) while trying to save people from the flood. So far the concept is cool until they introduce the steam engine, Link can now travel by train as well as horse (yeah he still has a horse.) We may see a musket like thing that shoots gun-powder deku nuts instead of the normal bow and arrows now.
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