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Jun 27 2008, 03:07 PM
Jun 27 2008, 02:07 PM

*I can't get dino form, but I can get Dino/ninja cross or Ninja/dino cross. (The only difference is which one you feel like your using, like I think Dino/Ninja has Dinos body and charge shot, and Ninja/Dino has Ninjas body and charge shot. (the other stats are identical for both forms.) That is my understanding of the forms at least. XD Also the fused version of both of those are all of the attributes of both added together. Like ninja has wood+20 and auto lockon with charge, Dino has SuperArmor fire+30 and charges for more power. Both fusions will have Wood+20, Fire+30, Super armor and charges for auto lockon and power together.
Yeah I read up on this when I logged off a hour ago, it's probaly best for the both of us if I get the opposite version cuz you can get the fire ninja form (from the dino I guess cuz he's fire) I'm not sure if you get a thunder elemnt. Same goes for me. So it's basiclly like last game - upgrading forms BUT you can't get the same form.

This game sitill confuses me, so there's two forms on each game or something?!

(Oh and the game is officially out today I think and when I get it I'll be going to walmart proboly hopefully they'll have enough copies.)
Well I mean I'm sure I can find someone with Dino, I find the forms still confusing because of how the order you equip changes stuff. This game is like MMBN5 probably they realized seperate one would be too weak (Zerker in this case, in MMBN5 I don't know maybe colonel because he is just new and no-one will be swayed just because of ShadowMan) So you get two versions one one DS cartridge. They also implemented an auto-brother which may automatically grant you beserk abilities or your versions form in the beserk file. There is one other exclusive for versions which the auto brother has no counter too. This is the Dark or lonely version of your form, in ninja you can only get dark ninja, in zerker only dark zerker, in saurian only dark saurian. (I think you have to have no brothers to get those forms though)

BTW it annoys me the wii has such a small size on sending messages, it could be double and it might not be too hard on their servers.
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