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1 yes, online battles are in, there is a special mini-game exclusive to local play about collecting stars though.
2 I think it's the 3 way tribe fusion, it lasts 3 turns but is ultra powerful. There also are two way tribe fusions. This is TK Posted Image
3 Yes, I think there are ranked and unranked for wi-fi connection too.
4 That's sort of hard, Zerker comes on both versions, so say you were doing zerker and I was doing ninja we could still get each others forms. I think the starting form you have is the sole difference other than a different title movie. Edit: Ok you can't get the opposite version (dino or ninja) form you can get the double form but not the single form.* There also are exclusive gigas, but you can still get the gigas with blank cards.
5 Walking glitches? (If it's the infamous getting trapped glitch I don't know, I haven't experienced it)

*I can't get dino form, but I can get Dino/ninja cross or Ninja/dino cross. (The only difference is which one you feel like your using, like I think Dino/Ninja has Dinos body and charge shot, and Ninja/Dino has Ninjas body and charge shot. (the other stats are identical for both forms.) That is my understanding of the forms at least. XD Also the fused version of both of those are all of the attributes of both added together. Like ninja has wood+20 and auto lockon with charge, Dino has SuperArmor fire+30 and charges for more power. Both fusions will have Wood+20, Fire+30, Super armor and charges for auto lockon and power together.
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