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Jun 5 2008, 09:30 PM
Ah, well I'm pretty young, and I got a plan already, that and I bought this Wii with money I earned (and from selling the Xbox, a little bit was loaned, but I'm paying the loaner back Saturday with money to spare) so I already got a set for the rest of the year (being home schooled helps.) I'm not worried about money either, for the systems I get I don't get a lot of games for them allowing me to get other systems and games for them. Like Mario Kart. :)
Your home schooled? *goes do a cyber high five* I was until basically this year. (I took one class at a Christian school last year, then was full time my junior year, and I was like half a point from being the honor roll, my science teacher I think made a mistake on grading my test on the heart, because he kept me with the people who did awful and I knew the answers without doing any aditional studying, except I know I didn't remember how to spell atrioventricular valve(which he said counted for minor points, basically the two places I know I messed were minor point deductions), I suppose I could of had a bad day overall, but when I said something he seemed a bit uneasy when he looked back over my test)
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