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Rocky: Like I said those side effects have only been observed in people who arn't special.
His eyes and nostrils flare, and some strange marks appear on his body.
Shade: Oh, No it's power is coming too, he is becoming Oni Rocky!
Shade Grabs his head and strong purplish flames go from rocky to shade.
Shade: I could get used to your power, man. Still rocky, there is nothing to say Vaati is exactly as he was before. Or that even you are the same inoccent Goron. It is even unclear for me, if it's power could have a negative effect.
A hulking demon like (humanoid)monster walks into the group.
Trio: Shade, your right, I mean you are the... Oh, nevermind still your powers to absorb and digest darkness could be greater than it's corrupt ability. I wouldn't tempt fate though Shade, your tendency to get intoxicated on dark is a horrible side effect alone! Also, Rocky you have been corrupted, your soul is heavily damaged, I can see inside of you and see the horrible sight, even you arn't immune to that much of it's power.
Rocky: how dare you!
Rocky charges, but trioswings the blunt edge of his sword and knocks rocky into a tree so hard he passes out.
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