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Rocky: Well, you see my people had a legend that one of them would rise to be the master of one of the triforce, power. As I grew up it was made clear I was that warrior who would save the gorons from the impending invasion of the gerudo on our homeland. I had gone through the ceremony to accept the triforce and had it in me. Then some foul magic came into play, it was torn out and Gannon had it, he had heard his people would soon be destroyed and took it to save them. The truth was, his people would propose a treaty and we would live in peace. I swore to get it back, my birthright, the only hope to peace whatever the cost. Later I happened upon a purple triforce, just touching it granted incredible power.
Shade: and it corrupted the owners soul, until it would start to rot from their body.
Rocky: That has only been seen in mortals! Nevertheless, I used it so much it's power began to reside in me and...
Shade: It's called the triforce of deception, an evil manifestation. It lacks an owner, but claims many. Vaati was one, being a mage his quick tap seems to have reversed itself.
Rocky: EXCUSE ME! and it is the 2nd triforce of power!
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