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I had had just heard Sakurai said he wasn't making another, which Nintendo would be wise to not get him to work on it ever again. He is so afraid of doing the same thing he'll try to fix something that isn't broken and instead break it.
I'd be surprised if nintendo said that and if they stuck with it. Sakurai actually has no connection to nintendo anymore, so he was kind of doing smash "on the side." If you know what I mean. He had to do it in his spare time from working for the company that employs him. Considering he would have to put his other projects on hold to do a commission kind of work, or do smash after work I could see him not wanting to do another one.
By popular I don't mean liked I mean known.
Kind of like Mario is the most popular video game character, but most people like Luigi more than Mario. Both I have found to be true yet Mario is more popular because he gets top billing and he was one of the first characters ever. Even though Luigi came shortly after it seems everybody loves Luigi more.
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