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Nintendo said this is the last Smash Brothers game, but with the profits it's making I'm think they'll change their minds, but right now they said it's the last one.

Pokemon is actually pretty popular, I mean everybody knows about it, I'm not saying everyone likes it (Me included,) but they know it exists, and if it exists according to the people it is popular to Nintendo. They still sell a ton of Pokemon stuff as well so people do like it.

VJ actually is pretty popular, I've seen tons of people recognize the game when I play it, and those that don't know what it is, when they see it, they like it.

Megaman probably isn't as popular as Viewtiful Joe, I know a couple people who like MM, I know tons of people who like VJ, now I don't know to many people so submitting that diagnosis would be very stupid, but since the people I know their favorite game is SB so if they like both it might just happen, Nintendo tries to please customers as much as possible, hence why TP was a more mature Zelda game... (Not by much, but it still had some stuff that wasn't seen in the others.)
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