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We didn't need Cell taking a zelda spot though. Anyway look at Pokemon we have 6 for them, pokemon isn't even "that big!" We have snake as well who isn't even close to touching the popularity of even Pit!
The only thing about VJ is he isn't very popular, i mean Capcom would put a popular character(Megaman, Ryu or Akuma) or a mascot (MegaMan) the same way Sega wouldn't have chose Ecco. The other problem with VJ is he seems like a deeper version QuickMan(maybe a bit of Jin too) with more complete abilities. He even has the same colors and a Voomerang.
The characters also have 3 taunts now remember.

Next game i'll still be hoping for MegaMan, BomberMan, the replacement of snake with Django(for MegaMan's sake, plus Django would be unique) and Vaatti replacing Cell. We also need another F-zero person, Ray 01, and non clone StarFox characters. (wolf is unacceptable) Maybe since Capcom is that awesome they could also have VJ arrive with MM.
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