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FE is very different than Golden Sun, FE is like ultimate chess with luck involved (Critical hits and such, also misses, though they have stats to determine that.) Golden Sun is the same game play of Final Fantasy, just you can do more (Only good FF is 3 and 12.) Vaati is not as well known though, and (including Sheik) they have five Zelda characters, though that doesn't really compare with Mario's six, of course Wario Ware is pretty popular...

Viewtiful Joe would've been the best character to put in Brawl simply because his moves would already be cut out. (A moves obviously involves kicks and punches) VB is bombs, >B Voomerang, ^B his zoom in jump (The drill jump,) B would be (Like G&W >B) a randomizer, sometimes it would do his powerful single slow-mode punch, and the other hit would be a barrage of his quick fire punches in fast-mode. Kirby would have Joe's helmet when he sucked him up. Joe's final smash would be having the six machine come in and drop bombs on people (Akin to Pit's final smash.) His show-off would definitely be him doing his two-finger one thumb pose while shouting Henshin a go go baby!

He'd be like Link with no sword, you know, not to quick, but not to slow, average jump that type of thing.
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