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Name: Dashi

Age: 19

Background: Being a bit perverted, he thought he was going to an island full of saki and women. XD

Description: (Originally a Yoshi, in this RP he'll be in human form) A young man wearing monks robes that are white with a Yin-yang on it. He has long black hair, wears tabis, and his only weapons are nun-chaku.

Helpful atributes: Since he was the teacher of Rosuto and Meshi, he is quite powerful. He knows most of the basics of outdoor survival, and can defend himself well.

Tools: Dagger.

OOC: Dashi won't be as powerful in this RP as in others. Basically, he's pretty normal guy. I've decided not to use his elements.


Dashi: First things first, I gotta find shelter! *grabs a bunch of twigs, and trys to make a fire*
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Rosuto as a Yoshi!!!!!
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