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In an effort to get ratings back up after the writers strike killed all TV, A network is pitched a new reality TV show. "Survival Of The Fittest", A show that pushes people to the brink of death before a camera crew swoops in and saves them. NBC turns it down, Fox turns it down, ABC turns it down and CBS won't even watch the pitch. None of this reaches the public, then a few weeks later people go missing, the one who pitched this has created an artificial environ meant to kill the people. From their perch they watch and create trouble, even if the world won't watch the show will go on. The prize of this twisted game? Living.
Currently 12 contestants have been selected.

- No god modding
- Max 3 living characters at a time
- Yes, you "might" think about letting a character Die.
- I said Might in the above not must.
- No crazy weapons
- You may have tools, weapons or small buildings(Ultra Rare) appear within reason of logic.
- No special abilities period.
- Try to make it somewhat realistic. (IE, not magically recover from a broken limb, just walk out of the contest zone etc.)
- No hurting or controlling others(God modding)
- Everyone has been dropped into this area about the same time, so you can't have been here for a while, unless you intend to be a villian pretending to be a contestant.


Helpful atributes:

Background: She was walking home from a Walmart when some men grabbed her and when he mother tried to stop them, they shot and killed her.
Description:Sort of like Iris.EXE
Helpful atributes: Small size and weight.

Name:The person who pitched this show originally.
Background:???(There is actually room for several pitchers)
Helpful atributes:???(Info will be given as the RP continues.)

Name:Isaac E. Cain
Background:A teacher of a school, one day his school caught fire. Many students trapped inside. He went back in rapidly to save them, but eventually passed out from the smoke.
Description:Caring, sad eyes. He has a beard and glasses and often a lab coat.
Helpful atributes:High intelligence, Is a good leader and is brave

Isaac Looks up... to see trees all around...
Isaac: God? Is this heaven! Excuse me! IS THIS HEAVEN! GOD! Then where am I?
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