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Name: Gosai
Bio: Was born in England in a very tight city area. One day when he was walking home from school, he saw his sister going down an alley way. So he followed her quietly. She was apparently talking a short cut home. Then someone jumped out into the alley running away from the cops. The police did not see Gosai's sister they started shooting at the man to slow him down, but accidentally shot Gosai's sister in the heart. Gosai ran right past the fleeing man and to his sister. His sister had died, the cops didn't even stop to see what happened. Gosai was so mad that he chased the cops and threw fire at them killing all of them. This was the first time he noticed his powers. He decided to leave England after he heard about Evan, and go to America without telling his parents (although he did tell his parents about his sister). So there he found himself in Miami.
Appearance: Short brown shaggy hair, usually wears a black hooded jacket with dark blue jeans.
Ability: Fire control. He can make fire come out of his hands, and throw it.
Side: Evan

Gosai was looking around in Miami for Evan's newspaper printing press.
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