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Name: Plague
Bio: The older brother of Rosuto, his main element is poison*

Appearance: A Very Dark Blue Yoshi with his eyes always half shut, a long red trench coat, a Buster Sword, and lots of chains. He can use them for attacking multiple things at once.

Ability: Can turn anything toxic, and can absorb poison, (He will occasional power his sword with his chakra enegy, and turn it into a beam sword, that can cut thru 5 inches of Titanium)

Side: Nuetral (not very talkitive, has no emotions, and usually cares little for anyone other than his family)

OOC: Okay, I watered him down a bit more.


Plague: ...*picks up a newspaper and reads the headlines* .....Another one.
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Rosuto as a Yoshi!!!!!
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