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Appearance:A boy with spiky brown hair who wears cargo pants(black or camoflage) and the shirts vary but generally are like fleece hoodies or a jacket.
Ability: Absorption (He can absorb abilitys etc., but not full power right away and he still must learn to use them.)
Side: Hero

Name: Mr. X
Bio:As a 8 year old child he woke up one night in Germany (his parents were mainly German, Russian) and heard a noise he was terrified and ran to his parents bedroom to see them both being murdered brutally by a few (unless his parents were up to something which is unknown) rouge extraordinary. He screamed in pain and anger and there powers failed then the drawers flew out objects hovering and speared the killers he vowed to take revenge and to this day he is determined to hunt down anyone with powers(except possibly his friend). Now the perfect soldier completely remorseless.
Appearance: Usually in a business suit with hair covering his face just so it instills fear in his enemies.
Ability:Negation and Telekinesis
Side: Evan

Name:Bird man/ Shiko Inabuke (shi-ko in-a-buke-ee)
Bio: 20 years ago 2 Japanese people in Kyoto brought home a boy and named him Shiko. he was slightly deformed but doctors said he would grow to be normal as time went it just got worse his nose grew to be over 2 foot long by the age of 11 his feet claw like and his fingers long thin feather like but as sharp as a katana. The children pointed and laughed saying he was reminiscent of a tengu, he just wanted friends, one day some bullies came and began shooting him with rocks from a slingshot he cried as they caused him to bleed and before he knew it he was flying high, he then felt anger and swooped down the rocks hitting but him not caring he shredded the bullies' faces with precision only a bird could have. Then the adults shunned him even though his IQ was 195 but only low because he was dyslexic. the torment drove him insane he wanted to get revenge now he sharpens his fingers to a point and his feet have become talons he can make weapons and is working on a pack on his back that through wi-fi chips implanted in his skull he can control mentally to bring different firearms out. His vision is beyond what humans should ever have hoped to obtain and he can hear very well. He also created a fan that can summon whirlwinds.
Appearance:He usually wears a Japanese robe or a lab coat over it.
Ability: Flight, Katana fingers, talons and super IQ.
Side: Evan

Bio: A humble photographer until he discovered his power and did things he regretted, all that happened has desensitized him and he sees others as toys or investments. He ate one of his prey once... and liked it.
Appearance:Normal: A good looking man with a confident air.
Fully powered up: Shiny rough looking skin he also is abnormally slim with slender arms and leg branching off. His crescent shaped eyes creep his foes out. He has large flaps off brightly colored skin around his neck. (Imagine a cobra with short legs and appearing too be long but normal sized arms)
Abilities:Strong leathery skin that with every tear grows back twice as strong as before, he can sense vibrations and heat as well as smell the slightest trace of anything, He is very flexible and can squeeze things to death, His bite can either be a simple bite inject a substance(neurotoxins) that causes blindness and parralisis or a substance(hemotoxins) that clots your blood, (he can also spit those pure or with an acid). Through a genetic surgery he can squirt Blood from his eyes as well which he does to disturb his foes primarily.
Side: Evan
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