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December 24 2007 - Miami newspaper has headline "Evan Greene, Photographer for this paper kills 7." The newspaper prints one copy before it's workers mysteriously are frozen stiff by their blood hardening. The truth? Evan discovers he has a special power and the same day the paper's owner tosses Evan from the roof after Evan gets incriminating pictures of the big wig. Evan snaps his body back and silently follows the big wig home and kills him and his 2 friends. He doesn't want to kill them and doesn't try to, but he somehow does. The police arrive and begin shooting Evan but after the 10th shot the bullets begin to bounce off doing no damage. Evan has no choice but to kill the police too or be jailed. One of them escapes to tell the story so Evan must stop it from spreading.
April 2008 - Evan has taken over the newspaper and explained away the fiasco as a crazed scientist. The newspaper is just a front for the true usage of the firm. Evan has begun collecting others like him to create an army as well as to attempt to take their abilities by force. Meanwhile others discover abilities.

You can have unlimited (within reason) characters, but are encouraged to only have 4 active at once. (Ocasionally, but rarely it may be increased minorly. Say I have 4 and someone feels the need to confront Evan until I can shake them I have to use him)
No God moding
No constant dodging or always hitting in fights.
No controlling others
No magic
1 ability to start unless, it's a *package, you've asked me by PM and iIve given my consent.
*Evan will be an example of a package.

Side: Evan(Bad guys), Rouge(Bad but not affiliated with Evan), neutral, Hero(Good guys)

Let me post my characters first....
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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