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I coulda sworn I registered these characters somewhere before, but if I did, pleze delete this.

Name: Dashi
Age: 19
Race: Yoshi
Look: A white yoshi with a white monks robes and tabis.

Background: The brother, guardian, and teacher/master of Meshi. In there village, he is known as "the weapon master" due to his strange ability to master a weapon just by watching someone else use it.

Special weapons: Xanbatou, Paper Charms, Paper Bombs, Scroll, Numchucks, Smoke Bomb, and Origami. In rare occasions, will summon a white chained chomp.

Element: Wind, Light, Dark, Grass, and Elec

Weaknesses: Poison, and Time

Signature Moves: Light Arrow, Death Plant, Tornado, THunder jabs, and Machine Gun fist.
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Rosuto as a Yoshi!!!!!
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