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OOC:Thanks and yeah i will edit my post to fix it

Ken:Hmm....*while walking by used his alchmey powers to help Iris stand up and then put the books in her book bag*

gov. agent 1:*used a special type of taser* "this should weaken you for a while!"

Ken:*tried summoing a metal sword using alchmey but was too weakened to move his arms to do it* *forcefully walked inside*

Gov agent 1:Off you go *pushed ken and they left*

Ken:*grabs hands into pockets and takes ot a serum and drinks it* that should revivemy powers *Body turned to slippery metal and chains fell off* Much better, now where do I go?

Neo:*walks around* *flipped on energy visor* "it seems they really are all mutants their energy level is high but none match mine" chuckles then searches for proffeser Issac

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