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Bio:A very young adult has two sides... one light and one corrupted,Origens unknown found in an energy plant use corrupted energy to turn humans just like him but the army and other militarys put him down and sent him to the mutant prison.
Appearance:White hair,Blue jacket with encrypted symbols and has a black shirt and blue pants
Ability:Able to turn into corrupted Neo form and able to use corrupted energy for attacks or sometimes able to corrupt someone else to do his own bidding


Neo:......Your lucky i don't wishto waste my energy or you would suffer a painful death....

SWAT officer 1:Hey would you tell him to shut up will you!

SWAT officer 2:You make him shut up.

Neo:hehehe my corruption worked on them

SWAT officers 1 &2:*fighting* then the car smashed on the street then Neo emerged from the truck.

Neo:You SWAT bore me i guess i'll find something else with the rest of the mutants


Ken had just witnessed a crime and was ready to attack with his mutant powers but the government had seen him and now was making a struggle to kill the robbers at the crim scene but was captured by the government and sent to the school

A car pulls up....

Ken:*has a chain tying up arms and an object on his neck which could kill him in an instance*

They gov. threw ken but he used alchmical powers to make his landing softer

*both walked to school*
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